House Rules

The University of Washington Club House Rules

1. Members and guests shall not be discriminated against at the University of Washington Club because of race, national origin, sex or disability.

Food and Beverage Service

2. All regular meal and bar service will be charged to a member’s account. Members will be billed on a monthly basis, accounts are payable upon receipts.

3. Tipping is at the discretion of the Club Member.

4. No food or beverage may be brought onto the Club’s premises without prior approval from a Manager.

5. All Washington State liquor regulations applicable to Class H Private Club licenses shall be honored.

6. Any member who knowingly purchases for or serves alcoholic beverages to anyone under legal age shall be subject to cancellation of membership by the Board of Trustees and to the applicable laws of the state of Washington.


7. Members are welcome to invite guests to the Club; however, Club members must accompany any guests while they are on the Club premises and Club members are responsible for the actions of their guests.

8. The spouse of a member is extended full rights and privileges of a Club member subject to all limitations imposed by University of Washington Bylaws and House Rules.

9. A non-member who is eligible for Club membership may visit the Club as a guest when accompanied by a member.

10. Food and beverage charges for guests shall be charged to the sponsoring member.

11. If a guest wishes to use the bar area, the sponsoring member is responsible for insuring that the guest is of legal age.

General Rules

12. Members or guests shall not request personal services from an employee.

13. Members or guests shall not reprimand Club employees. Any comments about inattention to duty or lack of courtesy on the part of a Club employee shall be directed to the Manager only and not to the employee.

14. All comments, suggestions, or complaints relating to the University of Washington Club facilities, service or staff shall be made in writing to the Manager.

15. The Club Manager has the authority over and responsibility for the operations of the Club subject only to the policies and decisions established by the Board of Trustees.

16. The Club shall not be responsible for any property of members and guests.

17. Notices, placards, pictures or any written or printed material, may not be posted on Club property without permission of the Club Manager.

18. Subscriptions shall not be solicited in the Club for any cause without prior written approval of the Board of Trustees. Neither shall the name or telephone number be used as a business telephone of any member.

19. No demonstrations or solicitations on the behalf of any political or sectarian group shall be made in the club nor shall printed matter on behalf of any person or legislation shall be distributed in the Club.

20. Gambling shall not be permitted on the Club premises except as authorized by the Board of Trustees in keeping with applicable state statutes.

21. Acceptable attire in keeping with the season and function will be observed by all members, their families, and guests at all times at the Club.

22. No furnishings or other property of the University Club may be removed from the premises except by the Board of Trustees or their designated representative.

23. The cost of replacing any property of the University of Washington Club broken or damaged by a member or a guest shall be charged to the member concerned.

24. Any member who conducts himself in an unbecoming manner or knowingly breaks a rule may be denied service by the Manager or may be directed to leave the Club premises. Serious violations may result in cancellation of membership, subject to a vote of the Board of Trustees.

These rules have been adopted by the Board of Trustees pursuant to article III, Section 4 of the University of Washington By-laws.