Mission Statement, Purpose & Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of The University of Washington Club is to be a unique, member-driven, and supported club committed to connecting the University Community through academic and social interchange, recognition, and celebration.

Our Core Values

University of Washington Focused: We will deepen our members' connections to others and to a diversity of traditions and events in our UW Community.

Fun: We will encourage joyful meetings, celebrations, and casual encounters at the Club that enrich our members' University experience including laughter, merriment, and fellowship.

Integrity: We will create and reinforce a constant set of values based on morality, honesty, trust, respect, and authenticity.

Financial Responsibility: We will assure that the Club is self-sustaining and that planning by management and the Board ensures the current and long-term needs of members are met responsibly, transparently, and strategically.

Exclusivity and Identity: We will assure the Club is a place where every member feels they belong and is valued.

In Service and Excellence: We will provide excellent service, high quality and exceptional food to all members and their guest at all times.

Our Purpose

Building a community where friendships come with ease.

Our Team's Values

We appreciate each and every team members as well as our Club members, and we welcome open communication.
Reputation of Excellence: Our members and guests receive exceptional food, excellent service, and an unforgettable experience that they are excited to share with others. 
Gratitude: We genuinely care for each individual, hold our members in the highest regard, and appreciate what everyone brings to the Club. 
Care and Support: We make a difference by showing compassion and respect to everyone.
Innovation: We are consistently reviewing, assessing, and improving how we serve our team members, Club members, and guests to exceed their expectations. 
Engagement: We are present, involved, and thoughtful in our interactions.