Club Art

Art at the UW Club

Over the years, the University of Washington Club has acquired numerous paintings and photographs from artists within the university community and beyond. The Club is committed to continuing to connect to the community by opening up the Colleen Rohrbaugh Room for rotating art shows. 

The UW Club Art Committee reviews all artist submissions and is currently accepting applications. Submissions will be accepted for the Fall and Winter Quarters before May 1 of the current year and for the Spring and Summer Quarters before November 1 of the year previous to the show.  If you are interested in showing your art at the UW Club, please click here to download the UW Club Criteria and Application.  Please send all submissions to   

In addition to rotating art in the Colleen Rohrbaugh Room, the Club has several permanent works of art. 

  • George Tsutakawa’s “Two and a Half Worlds” is located on the patio outside the 520 Lounge.  


  • The concrete sculpture located at the front of the building along East Stevens Way is a piece by George Gulascik called "Reclining Figure."            


  • Bill Talley's watercolor of "Late Winter" can be found in the library next to the sketch by Victor Steinbrueck, one of the architects of the UW Club and former UW Professor.  


  • Photographs and artifacts from the Alaska Yukon Exposition can be found in and around the Yukon Pacific Room on the lower level. 
  • Philip Govedare's painting of the Duwamish is hung on the southwest end of the Cascade Room. 


  • An oil composition by Boyer Gonzalez hangs in the fireplace of the Colleen Rohrbaugh Room.  This painting is a donation from the collection of Mary Ann Odegaard.      


  • The gold colored sculpture next to the fireplace in the Colleen Rohrbaugh Room is by Everett DuPen who was UW School of Art Faculty 1945-1982. Click here to view Everett's biography.


Past exhibitors include:

Mark Lucero

Marcio Diaz

UW Design Program in Rome

Elling Reitan

Greg Kondos

Loyd Heath