Facilities & Fees

Banquet and Reception - Policies and Procedures

The University of Washington Club is a private member facility. A member who is present at the event must sponsor functions held at the Club. The Club requires that members sponsoring events sign an Event Agreement Form that guarantees payment for all charges and any damages. The signed Event Agreement Form is considered confirmation of the date requested.

An overview of seating capacities and types of events held in each room:

  • The Cascade Room
    Reception Style 250, Plated 168 and Buffet 144
    Buffet-style or plated dinners and receptions. Plated or buffet-style lunches on weekends only.
  • The Lake Washington Room
    Reception Style 50, Plated 50 and Buffet 50
    Meetings, breakfasts, lunches, receptions and dinners
  • Colleen Rohrbaugh Room
    Reception Style 75, Plated 40, Buffet 30 and Meeting 20
    Receptions and dinners after 4:00 pm
  • The Yukon Pacific Room
    Reception Style 100, Buffet 72, Classroom 40 and Theatre/Seminar 90
    Meetings, lectures and receptions

There is no deposit required for departmental or university related events.

Room Rental Rates

Weekdays (Monday - Friday)
The Cascade Room    $400

Events that begin before 4:00 pm
    Colleen Rohrbaugh Room, The Yukon Pacific Room or The Lake Washington Room  $35/hr

Events that begin at 4:00 pm or later
    Colleen Rohrbaugh Room, The Yukon Pacific Room or The Lake Washington Room    $200

Weekends   Prices represent events that are 4 hours or shorter; additional time can be added per  hour*
Colleen Rohrbaugh Room    $500
    The Yukon Pacific Room   $500
    The Lake Washington Room    $500
    The 520 Lounge   $600
The Cascade Room    $900

    *Colleen Rohrbaugh Room, Yukon Pacific Room, and Lake Washington Room    $150 per additional hour
    *520 Lounge   $200 per additional hour
    *Cascade Room   $250 per additional hour


A final count of all guests attending a function must be received no later than one week before the date of the event. It is the responsibility of the host or hostess to relay the exact number of each entrée one week prior to the event. This is considered the guarantee and may not be reduced after this time. If no guarantee is received one week prior to the event, the Club will consider the last estimate to be the guarantee. The Club may not be able to accommodate any requests for additions or increases received after the final count deadline. Any additions may come at an increased cost.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that a function has to be cancelled, The University of Washington Club requires appropriate advance notification. All functions require a 90 day notice. Cancellation within 90 days will result in a cancellation fee of the estimated room rental. For events cancelled within 30 days of the event, a penalty fee equal to 50% of the estimated food and beverage revenue plus the room rental will be assessed. If the event is cancelled less than one week from the event, the cancellation fee is equal to the entire estimated food and beverage revenue, room rental, plus all other fees.

Menu Selections
All food must be purchased from The University of Washington Club with the exception of specialty desserts that are not offered by the Club. These items can be brought in from a commercial bakery within two hours of the event start time. The University of Washington Club does not have refrigerated space to accommodate storage of these items. Set up, menu selections, and beverage needs are required two weeks before the event. The Club is happy to custom design menus to meet your needs. In the event that all of the food is not consumed during the allotted event time, guests may pack up the leftover food that has already been served. Compostable take-away boxes may be provided at $0.50 each.


The Washington State Liquor Control Board regulates alcoholic beverages. The Club is responsible for the administration of these regulations. A bartender is required for all events serving alcohol for 25 people or more. Bartenders are available for $30.00 per hour per bartender. There are one and a half hours added to all standard bars for set up and breakdown. All bars serving liquor have two hours added for set up and breakdown. Events serving 100 or more guests require two bartenders at each bar.
The Club reserves the right to discontinue service at our discretion.
All beverages must be purchased from The University of Washington Club with the exception of wine. Wine that is commercially produced and bottled can be brought in for events with applicable corkage fees. For a breakdown of the corkage fees, seethe fees section. We do not allow any other kinds of alcohol to be brought in, such as beer or hard liquor.

Reserved Rooms
Rooms reserved for events are limited to the space reserved, restrooms, and shared coatroom. Other areas are off limits.
Monday through Friday, access to reserved spaces is granted one hour prior to the start time of the event. For Saturday and Sunday events, access is granted two hours before the scheduled start time. During the time prior to the event, the room will not be completely ready and service team will be busy working to prepare for the scheduled event. The room is guaranteed to be ready at the scheduled start time of the event.
Catered events may be scheduled to end no later than 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 12:00 midnight on Friday and Saturday.

The University of Washington Club does not guarantee parking space on campus. All parking is controlled by UW Commuter Services. If you are planning on parking on Campus for an event at The University of Washington Club, you must stop at a gatehouse and buy a parking permit unless you have a UW Quarterly or Annual Permit. You should stop at a gatehouse if you are unsure whether you can park at The University of Washington Club for any reason. You should also request disability parking when you stop at a gatehouse if that is needed. Parking permits are required 6:00 am - 9:00 pm weekdays, 7:00 am - noon Saturday. If you have any questions please call or email Commuter Services at (206) 616-8710 or specevnt@u.washington.edu.


A 19% banquet fee and applicable sales tax are added to all food and beverages.
State law requires tax on the banquet fee. The banquet fee is not a gratuity.
There is a $30.00 per hour per bartender fee.
There is a $50.00 per hour fee for each carving station or pasta station attendant.
A dance floor is available for $200.00
There is a $2.00 per person or $300.00 flat (whichever is less) cake cutting fee for all items brought in, cut and served.
There is a $13.00 per 750 ml bottle corkage fee for all wine brought in. Bottles that are larger than 750 ml will be charged $18.00 per bottle. All wine served at the University of Washington Club must be commercially produced and bottled. We do not allow boxes of wine or any other kinds of alcohol to be brought in, such as beer or hard liquor.
A fee of $100.00 per hour will be applied when events run overtime. This fee is charged in 15 minute intervals. Extended bartender and carver fees are not included.
Anything that occurs outside of the contracted time may result in applicable convenience fees.

A fee of $100.00 per hour will be applied when events run overtime.  Extended bartender and carver fees are not included.

Equipment Rental:

·PA System/ Podium $20.00
·Sound System for Music $20.00
·Wireless Handheld Mic $10.00
·6’ x 8’ Portable Screen $5.00
·8’ x 10’ Portable Screen $150.00
·Polycom Analog Conference Phone $20.00
·LCD Projector $60.00
·Flip Chart $5.00

Food & Beverage Minimums

Minimums do not include the 19% banquet fee, applicable sales tax, room rental fee, any other additional labor, or audio-visual charges.
For All Weekend Events - $1,500
All weekday events that begin at 1:30 pm or later - $500
All weekday events that are 4 hours or longer - $500
Continental Breakfast Buffet - $150
Hot Breakfast Buffet - $250 or 25 people
Cold Lunch Buffet - $200 or 16 people
Hot Lunch Buffet - $450 or 25 people
Plated Dinner - $500 or 25 people
Buffet Dinner - $700 or 30 people
Appetizers - 3 dozen, or 25 pieces for tray passed appetizers

Prices are subject to change.
Payment for an event is due upon receipt of the bill after the event.
Applicable processing fees will be applied to credit card payments.

Private Property

The University of Washington Club is not responsible for lost merchandise, equipment, clothing or valuables left at any meeting or banquet prior to, during, or after the function. The Club does not have space available to store personal property, equipment or supplies belonging to or rented by the member. All items must be removed from the Club at the end of the function and the Club is not responsible for any damage or misplacement of such items.

Decorations, Signs and Posters

Any decorations, signs or posters used should be free standing. There will be no taping, nailing or wiring to walls, floors or railings. All decorations must be removed immediately following the event. We do not permit the use of confetti or sprinkles. The University of Washington Club does not have round tables on site. All candles must be enclosed in glass. Any damages to the facility resulting from misuse of decorations will be billed to the host of the event.
If you wish to bring in special flower arrangements, please feel free to do so. The Club will provide votive candles at no charge. Black or white tablecloths and napkins are available at no charge. Specialty linens and colored napkins may be ordered upon request for an extra fee. A vendor list is available upon request.
Room Changes
The University of Washington Club reserves the right to re-assign rooms based on actual space requirements.

The rooms at the University of Washington Club can accommodate a full range of events, from small, intimate gatherings to sit-down dinners for 168.

Facility fees vary according to the room and weekday/weekend rates. For fees and details, please contact our Sales and Events Director, Heather Orse at Orseh@uw.edu.