About Us




The University of Washington Club is a welcoming social club with a 105 year history of connecting the University community. Located on campus in an architectural landmark, and inspired by its collegiate atmosphere, the club provides a remarkable setting in which to socialize, dine and entertain.

With breathtaking views of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains, the club's unique venue offers its members and their guests a friendly place to meet, impeccable service, and world class cuisine that is both locally-sourced and lovingly prepared. Members can use our venue for a wide range of event such as weddings and special events

The University of Washington Club is a nationally registered historic building and is the epitome of the Northwest School of Architecture. Click here for information about the Club's architectural history!

The University of Washington Club ~ Connecting the University Community

Independent & Member-Supported
The University of Washington Club is a private club—financially independent of the university—with 501(c)(7) non-profit tax status.

Thanks to the support of over 1,800 members, we continue to thrive after 100 years of service.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Washington Club is to be a unique, member-driven and supported club committed to connecting the University community through academic and social interchange, recognition and celebration.

Our Core Values

University of Washington Focused: We will deepen our members' connections to others and to a diversity of traditions and events (sports, cultural and academic) in our UW community.

Fun: We will encourage joyful meetings, celebrations, and casual encounters at the club that enrich our members' University experience including laughter, merriment and fellowship.

Integrity: We will create and reinforce a constant set of values based on morality, honesty, trust, respect and authenticity.

Financial Responsibility: We will assure that the club is self-sustaining and that planning by management and the Board ensures the current and long-term needs of members are met responsibly, transparently and strategically.

Exclusivity & Identity: We will assure the club is a place where every member feels he or she belongs and is valued.

In Service & Excellence: We will provide excellent service, high quality and exceptional food to all members and their guests at all times.